Round Rock Texas Top Suburb City

ROUND ROCK TEXAS top Suburb city



Round Rock makes CNBC list of Top 10 Perfect Suburbs
City ranks No. 8 in analysis of communities with affordable homes, good schools, low crime and a reasonable commute

What makes a perfect suburb? asked that question, and consulted Location, Inc., the data and analysis company and creator of the consumer reference site NeighborhoodScout. The analysts used their bank of databases to find the suburbs with the best mix of affordable housing, good schools, educated neighbors, low crime, employment, and reasonable commutes.

Round Rock made the list at No. 8 because of a Metro area unemployment rate of 7.0 percent, median house value of $224,011, and its ranking as one of the safest communities in the United States.

From the artlcle: “Round Rock has a high proportion of new real estate development, and as the international headquarters for Dell, it also has more workers in computers and math than 95% of places in the U.S. It has better public schools than 72% of all U.S. communities, and its public schools are better than 83% of schools in the rest of the state. A minority of Round Rock’s populace holds a four-year college degree (32.9%), but a majority are homeowners (63.1%). It even has a minor-league ballpark.”

In the article about the list, Andrew Schiller of NeighborhoodScout explains why these good suburbs are hard to find: “Americans have been leaving the central cities for the suburbs for years in search of more elbow room, better schools, less crime, more affordable home prices, and other amenities. But as many suburbs matured, crime followed, schools declined, and housing prices crept up. So people moved further out. The result was … that to find those good schools and family-friendly environments, a family would have to trade off with a very long commute that itself can be costly in both real dollars and time lost. And those close-in suburbs that maintained low crime and great schools with nice homes? They became so expensive that most Americans were priced out. Hardly a perfect suburb if one cannot afford to buy a home there.”


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Alan Kirkpatrick

Realtor Austin Texas HomesLLC.